This site may not be for everyone. I may say things at times that offend you, please know that is in no way my heart. My heart for this site is to provide a place for me to organize my open and honest thoughts in a way that hopefully helps others open up to themselves. Some of these post may seem incomplete, or sporadic…sorry.

Before you begin reading, you need to know a couple things.

1. What you read may be offensive. To be honest, I’m offended by most of it.
2. If you read something and think that I’m wrong, you’re probably right. I don’t know about half the crap I put on here.
3. I’m very open and honest here, so I would ask you to be the same if you decide to join the conversation. I don’t really know how to classify this site. I would call it a journal if anything. So know that as you read the pages below, I am inviting you into the deepness of my being and simply ask you to operate with a touch of grace while you are here. Enjoy.

– Jaymes