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Fresh Start

May 25, 2020

Over the last couple years I’ve had more than a few late nights revamping my personal site and blog. For some reason, I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with it though. Like nothing I did was good enough, or quite fit what was in my head.

My blog was setup on Wordpress, but I had a separate site for a sort of personal splash page so people could get a quick glimpse into who I was. I didn’t love this setup.

I wanted something I could just write on and not worry about anything else. Not worry about formatting or featured images. Most of my searches started with ‘Wordpress themes that look like Medium’… 😂

That summed up what I wanted. A clean simple site with readable text so I could just focus on the words on the page.

I also realized some of the challenge was this baggage of posts that I had written over the last 5 years. For some reason they seemed to make things harder. Every time I thought about my ‘new site’ I had to figure out how to fit my existing content in.

Yesterday I saw an article explaining how easy it was to get a Gatsby site up on Netlify, both products I had been wanting to play with. I figured, why not take this as an opportunity to get away from Wordpress, truly own my content, and start over.

So here we are.

I took a few hours and got the thing up and running, customized, and on my domain.

I’m excited about writing more. I’m excited about redefining what this site is.

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