Kingdom of God

Today I went to class 3 of 5 in the Foundations of Freedom series. This class is designed to help us focus on the Kingdom instead of our problems. So often we can walk into a freedom class or a church for that matter with our problem as the focus. My marriage is struggling, I have anger issues, I need some type of healing. These are all statements that are typically made when we are problem focused.

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells us to seek the Kingdom of Heaven before anything else. Before we try to fix our marriage, before we try to get rid of our anger, before we try to get some sort of healing. Jesus knew that the Kingdom of Heaven held the answers to everyones problems. Those problems don’t exist in the Kingdom, so if Jesus can get us to realize the Kingdom is at hand, our problems become non-existent.

When we focus on something, it becomes the center thing in our lives. If our problem is placed in the center of our lives, everything else will receive it’s definition based on that thing. Some things are designed to be the center. It doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about it, the truth is that they are the center.

Think back to when we believed that the Earth was the center of our solar system. Just because that is what everyone believed does not mean that for a period the Sun circled round the Earth. There were certain things that seemed to prove this theory though. There were also many things that didn’t quite follow suit with this belief.

When we but our problems at the center of our lives, there may be good days where it seems that everything is working perfectly with this system in place. There will also be days where the extreme opposite is true. This explains the roller coaster like lives that most of us deal with.

The biggest take away from this class is that Jesus came to proclaim that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, meaning right in front of our faces. Pastor Alan did an amazing job laying this out with a great illustration. Imagine a two dimensional stick figure drawn on your wall that is alive. That stick figure only has the dimension of height and width. There is no depth in this stick figures world. So you can see this stick figure, but this stick figure can’t see you. Because the stick figure cannot see you or the world you live in outside of that wall, does it mean that you and the rest of that world are not real?? By no means. It means that the stick figure is limited by the way it sees things. You have the luxury of having access to the third dimension that the stick figure is not aware of.

So what if there were another dimension? A dimension that is as real as the ground we walk on and the air we breath? That is the dimension that Jesus was trying to open the eyes of his listeners to. Jesus constantly spoke of his listeners not hearing what He was saying or seeing what He was talking about. Those listeners obviously heard Jesus’ voice and saw Jesus with their eyes. So Jesus was talking about something else, this new Kingdom that was at hand.

-– Notes From the Class –-

Focusing on a problem is not the solution. You should rather be Kingdom focused.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, there aren’t any problems. This isn’t just the Heaven we go to when we die, it’s the Heaven that is at hand that Jesus told us about.

2D stick figure can’t see or interact with the Third Dimension. The stick figure can’t see us, but does that mean that we are more real than him? Or because we are less real than him?

It’s because we are more real, there is a depth to our world that the stick figure can’t see or comprehend.

This is a parallel to us not being able to see the Kingdom of Heaven that is at hand. It isn’t because it’s less real, it’s invisible to us because there is more realness to it than we have ever experienced.

Real discipleship is about teaching people to repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Matt 4:23
Matt 9:35
Matt 24:13
Acts 1:3
Matt 4:17
Mark 1:14-15
Matt 6:33

Jesus’ message was the Kingdom message. This wasn’t the typical Gospel Message that we think about. His message couldn’t be the typical Gospel Message of the Messiah being crucified and raised to life because it hadn’t happened yet.

John the Baptist preached the Kingdom Message because the religious system was corrupt.

There were trees in the Garden that had knowledge and life on them. This was on the earth. Maybe these things still exist, but are in that third dimension we can’t typically see.

There was a time and place, before times and places where God the trinity existed. What was that place like???

When we misunderstand what Jesus says, it’s because He is from somewhere different than we are.

At the time of Jesus, people were looking for a militant leader that was going to restore the Kingdom and free the people from Rome.

He came with a message that wasn’t centered around what the people thought was there problem. Jesus saw there problem.

This is the essence of Freedom Ministry. We see our temporal problems and are seeking solutions, but Jesus sees our real problem and is trying to speak to that.

Jesus proclaimed the return of the Kingdom and then demonstrated it by hearings and miracles.

We have settled for a Christianity that is all about learning Biblical principles and trying hard to live by them.

This is not at all the same as having access to the Kingdom.

There is no problem in your life that is not subject to the Kingdom of Heaven. Relational problems, spiritual problems.

‘My marriage is broken, and I’m trying to fix it.’ – Your broken marriage will be the center.

Whatever you seek first is the center of your life and everything else revolves around it.

When we thought the earth was the center of the Universe, it did not change the fact that the Sun didn’t revolve around it. No matter how much we thought and believed it, the reality was that the Sun was at the center. If we base the rotation of the solar system off the idea that the Earth is at the center, there will be days when everything seems to be functioning perfectly, and days when the rotation is completely off. This would create a roller coaster type life.

Repentance isn’t turning away from something, it’s a new way of seeing.

When a boy really sees a girl for the first time and gets that funny feeling, he can never go back to seeing them the way he did before. This is repentance.

Jesus didn’t even pray for people. He just told them to check for their results. He knew that the Kingdom was here, so there wasn’t a need to pray for something to come that was already present.
It would be like asking someone to bring you medicine when you were holding the pill in your hand.

When Jesus taught us how to pray, he wasn’t saying to ask the Kingdom of Heaven to come, the grammar is a command.

God didn’t make you to not be depressed, he made you to take over the planet. We have to start chasing after the things that God put inside of us.

Freedom Ministry isn’t here to help you with your hurts and problems. It’s here to disciple you into realizing the Kingdom of Heaven is here.