Levels of Change

This week I went to the second Foundations of Freedom class, Levels of Change. This is probably my favorite class. After learning who you are in class 1, Levels of Change breaks down the way you walk out the process of changing who you are.

  1. Environment
  2. Behavior
  3. Capabilities
  4. Beliefs
  5. Identity

The first four levels are things we can control so we typically start there. The problem is thats the wrong order. The 5th level is the only one that we don’t control. Our identity is spoken to us by someone besides us.

Our identity is actually spoken to us constantly, by the systems of the world, by people around us, by our friends, family, and even by our experiences. None of those things have the authority or right to tell us what our identity is. Just like you can’t tell an artist what their piece of art is or isn’t.

So, who has that right? We must look to God, our creator. Only he can tell us what our identity is. If we start at level 5 and work our way up to number 1, the four levels we have an effect on are fueled by the thing God does.

Like I said this is probably my favorite class in the Foundations of Freedom series. Below you can find the notes I took during the class.

— Notes From the Class —

The life of a believer is no longer the life of the believer, it’s Christ who lives through you.

If you’re using the wrong tool, your situation will probably get worse, despite the effort you put in.

These levels aren’t linear. It’s not about trying harder to gain a level.

Level 1 – Environment

Wherever you go, there you are. Your freedom isn’t dictated by your environment.

Circumstance doesn’t dictate freedom. Paul was sitting in a prison in freedom.

Level 2 – Behavior

You can accomplish something’s, but not the ones you need to.

Connected to what we do is what we think and what we feel.

This is the level of your experience. This level is the experience of being you. Thoughts, feelings and behavior.

You do something stupid, so you feel stupid, and think you are stupid. This puts you in a circular habit.

The more you focus on something, the more you do that thing.

The second way to describe this level, it’s the level of our flesh.

Using your mind to try to shape your behavior and emotions is like trying to arm wrestle yourself.

The way you act effects your environment.

Level 3 – Capabilities

This is less measurable.

They are like a thermostat set in our heart. It is controlled by our environment.

This is like a ceiling, it adds pressure as we change and then typically snaps back.

Like someone loosing weight, then gaining it all back.

This describes what we can do and can’t do.

Level 4 – Beliefs

We confuse this with the word thought.

A thought is resident in your mind.

Most of the time you can attach language to it. This is relatively easy to change.

A belief is resident in your heart. There are no words attached to it. This is typically shaped by patterns in our lives.

‘No one will ever love me.’

It’s not what’s in your mind that determines your experience, it’s your heart.

The issue isn’t in your head, it’s in your heart.

A belief is not just in your heart, it’s over you heart. It’s like a contact lens.

Beliefs shape your expectation.

You perceive something based on passed experience that shapes future experience.

People believe the things they have experienced.

We don’t know what to do when our experience doesn’t match what the bible says about us.

Bob keeps a list of verses that speak to who we are.

Read the bible then listen and hear what God says. That is how change happens.

It’s not just reading a verse that shifts your heart, it’s God speaking to your heart.

Speakers and bible verses can’t speak to our hearts the way God can.

We must change from our experience being the source of truth to the voice of truth.

The same God that spoke the planets into existence has the power to change our lives with a word.

There are two categories in the belief level.

What we believe about God, and what we believe about ourselves.

It’s not if we believe in God, it’s what we believe about God.

When we don’t ask God what he thinks about us, we tell ourselves what he thinks about us.

We have an incorrect picture of God so we aren’t drawn to him.

In the New Testament, Jesus liked spending time with messy people.

What we believe about ourselves can’t be dictated by anything other than what God says about you.

A beanie baby is worth about 25 cents of raw material.

The store own would say its worth about $5.

People paid $1000 for ones they wanted.

The value of something is dependent on who you ask.

If we ask our culture what we are worth, they will put a dollar value on our lives.

If we ask God what we are worth, he will say we are worth his Son.

Level 5 – Identity

Identity is the blueprint in the heart of God when he made you.

This isn’t what you think about what yourself or what anyone else thinks about it, it the thing God designed you to be.

What is true about you in the heart and mind of God?

This is the truth that can set you free.

We try to solve our sin problem by doing the opposite thing.

When we talk about sin as just behavior, we only bring God part of the problem, so we only receive part of the solution.

The problem is behavior is not the problem, behavior is the fruit if the problem.

When we bring behavior to Jesus, we are asking him to help us with our past, but we need help with our present and future.

We don’t then receive help for our future that we need to truly be a different person.

The treatment fits the diagnosis.

Sin is far worse than bad behavior.

Sin is the absence of God in the human soul.

If life is absent, then death is present.

We all want to feel alive, so we look for things that make us feel alive.

It can be sex, drugs and rocknroll. Or it can be ministry.

Jesus died on the cross because death was in us, not because the total of our sin actions equalled the death sentence.

Jesus didn’t die to cover what you’ve done, it’s to bring back who you are.

Salvation isn’t about commuting to a new set of actions, it’s about bringing my dead-self to Jesus to exchange for his alive-self.

It’s not just bringing our wrong actions, it’s about bringing our wrong identity.

3 things that try to hold you from true change.

1. Demonic Oppression

This typically looks like small whispers in our culture. These are things that don’t come from God or us.

The enemy isn’t gonna tempt you in an area that isn’t in your past.

2. The World

The systems of the fallen world.

This can be your family. The perfect family would transmit blessings through the generations, this is the same in the negative sense.

3. The Church

The religious systems built by the church.

Someone stands in front of us with a bible and we automatically assign them authority that may not have been assigned by God.

Homework –

Read Romans 6-9

These talk about how Jesus frees us from our flesh.

The old nature, the sin nature of the old man.

Our flesh, the container that your nature resides in.

The new nature, or the spirit.

Salvation – the old man is crucified and buried.

The flesh is still programmed so we have to allow it to be reprogrammed.

This happens by the new nature and this takes time.

It must work level 5 to level 1.