A Kingdom Parable

Yesterday I went to the first Foundations of Freedom class at Gateway. It’s a familiar class for me, I’ve been a hand-full of times and read the story in Bob Hamp’s book a hand-full more.

The thing I love about that story is that I get something new from it every time.

Bob Hamp has done an amazing job painting the picture of the Gospel in the simple story of a lost acrobat. The story is about a child that was born into a  family of the greatest acrobats to ever live. Tragically the boy is lost when he is only a baby. In his teens he finally finds out the truth about who he is, and what he was put on the earth to do.

The story is about his parents finding him, but even more so about him finding himself. My words wouldn’t begin to do this story justice, so you can listen to it here, or read about it here.

I took a couple key things away from this specific class.

  1. The greatest tragedy would be to spend your life walking the earth not knowing who you really are.
  2. Your DNA and birthright say who you are, not even the turnings of your own heart can change it.
  3. Who you are is decided before you enter the world. Your life is the challenge to become that person.
  4. Once you figure out who you are, there may be some work and practice you have to put it to be able to fully operate in that.