You’re No Better Than Them, & I’m No Better Than You

I have a confession.

I have a really hard time with people who think they know it all. Like a really hard time. You know, the people that are so sure of things that liquid judgement spews from their sureness. The type of people that know for sure What Jesus Would Do in a situation, or how he would treat someone. I have a hard time with those people because they tend to remind me of the Pharisees.

Their knowledge of good and evil seems to set their feet on a different level than everyone else’s. They may not see their judgement, but it most cases it’s the only thing I see.

When I think of Jesus, I don’t think of someone that was judgmental. I think of someone that was loving.

I was in a situation recently where someone asked me about a book I was reading by a now controversial author. This author came our recently and made a comment about his acceptance of homosexuals. I haven’t seen the comment and don’t know the details. Anyway, this person I was talking to made the comment, ‘so…he loves gay people now, that’s pretty cool.’ The comment came packed many elements. The first obviously was sarcasm. Then quickly behind it was judgement.

I asked this person if the author was wrong for loving homosexuals. He said he obviously was. I asked again just to give an opportunity for this person to think about what they were saying before saying it. You see, I wonder if Jesus would have loved homosexuals? I wonder if His love or judgment would be the more potent ingredient in his conversation.

I left the conversation frustrated. Frustrated at another Christian that seemed to be doing it wrong. Displaying their judgement instead of the love of Christ. Displaying what they believe to be true in such a stubborn way.

That night I started talking to God about what happened. I heard something from Him I wasn’t quite expecting. He clearly said, ‘You’re doing the same thing.’

Then it hit me. I was acting in the same way as that person I was talking to earlier in the day. I may be ok with peoples struggles to figure things out, and I may have a lot of grace where some people may be lacking. But I tend to have no grace for Christians who have no grace.

So I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not having grace with you where you are. I’m sorry for having more grace for a lost person stuck in a homosexual lifestyle than I have for a Christian brother just trying to figure it all out.

You’re not better than them, but I’m no better than you. – Jaymes