When the Lion Shows Up

I’m currently reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by the amazing C.S. Lewis. It has been a really fun way for me to escape from the realities of my world and into the fantasies of the land of Narnia. I’m beginning to realize though that I have that quite backwards.

As I read more and more I am overtaken by the way that Lewis paints the story of the gospel in such an incredible and inviting way. In the story, the youngest brother, Edmund unfortunately ends up in the captivity of the evil Queen. You see, the land of Narnia has been cursed for a very long time, since King Aslan left the scene. All of Narnia is in a constant season of Winter, without ever reaching the time of Christmas.

There is a pivotal scene in the book when the Queen is on the hunt for Edmund’s brother and sisters to kill them. She has heard news that Aslan is back in Narnia, and she fears her reign may soon be over. As the Queen sledges over the cold snow covered ground her sledge begins to slow. The snow is melting as grass peaks through in the fields. Finally, the sledge comes to a complete stop as the snow has disappeared from underneath it all together. Edmund looks around in amazement as flowers begin to bloom and trees sprout dark green foliage.

“And then, as if that had been a signal, there was chattering and chirruping in every direction, and then a moment of full song, and within five minutes the whole wood was ringing with birds’ music, and wherever Edmund’s eyes turned he saw birds alighting on branches, or sailing overhead or chasing one another or having their little quarrels or tidying up their feathers with their beaks.”

In a matter of minutes, Narnia came alive again. The Queen’s dwarf says, “This is Spring. What are we to do? Your winter has been destroyed, I tell you! This is Aslan’s doing.”

It amazes me that in a children’s book, Lewis so clearly paints a picture of God’s redemptive plan for the earth. I am overwhelmed with joy to gaze around and see melting snow. I am encouraged by stories of Heaven coming to Earth.

I know the King is coming back, not to rescue me, he has already done that, but instead to rescue the land.

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