As I age I learn more and more how important focus is. More specifically what we focus on. Today God whispered to me. He said, ‘what you have been saved into is more important than what you have been saved out of.’

This rocked me to the core. Christians spend so much time talking about what God has saved us from and what he could save you from if you would just confess him as Lord. That’s all great, but why not focus on what we are entering into.

You see, I think we get stuck in this first phase. We get so focused on what God saved us from, that we don’t allow Him to speak to us about what we are now a part of. When God saved the Israelites out of Egypt it took 40 years until they were ready to enter the promised land. What if the only thing that needed to change was their focus. I believe that they could have walked into the promised land the next day if they were ready, but they weren’t. Exodus 16 talks about how the groveled to Moses about how they wished God would have left them to die in Egypt. They were only thinking about what God saved them from, and because that was there focus, it dictated what happened in every area of their lives.

When we get ‘saved’, are we getting saved from something, or into something. For most of my life I have believed that I was being saved from my sin and death(which is true), but as I grow older I realize the more important part is that family that I am being adopted into. I now have the ability to live life as a son of God. I have access to more and authority over much more.

When I focus on my sin I’m doing an injustice to what God did for me. Being saved from my sin is a great great thing, but if I don’t walk in the power and authority God has given me, I’m only eating half the cake.

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  1. Emma

    September 6, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    First time commenter here, just had to let you know that this was so timely and wonderfully written. Thank you.


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