Just Do It In Love

“If I could speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” Romans 13:1

We hear this verse all the freakin time. I wish we would apply it half as often as we quote it.

Take a second and think about what Paul is actually saying. Even if he speaks the same as the angels, if he doesn’t have love he simply annoy you. No matter how truthful our words may be, without love covering them, they will not be received.

Jesus tells us all the commandments rest on two simple commands. Love God and love people. I think He knew that even if you kept all the commandments, without love they would mean nothing.

Imagine if someone who honored their father and mother spent all their time bragging about how great they are because the honor their parents. What if they rubbed your nose in the fact that you may not always honor your parents. You’re probably gonna get pretty pissed off. Even though they would be upholding the commandment in essence, without love they are just a loud annoying noise.

We all know people that no matter what they say, good or bad, right or wrong, it’s just annoying to listen to them. It can almost make you want to put your hands over your ears.

Before we so quickly judge those people though, let’s make sure that we aren’t that clanging cymbal in someone else’s ears.

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