Are we living as a family? Are our flaws ok? Are we willing to fight for unity?

Did God intend for the church to be an organization, or a family? I think God’s design has always been built around the concept of a family. This is why He is so often referred to as our Father.

I have been reading Ross Parsley’s book Messy Church. In his book, Parsley explains how he feels church services should be more like family dinners. I instantly agreed with him. I started to get judgmental at certain people or things that happen in the church that prevent this family dinner idea from being a reality. And then I asked myself if I operated this way on Sunday mornings.

Let’s look at the idea of family dinner for a minute. Family dinners are kinda crazy. They aren’t normally organized super well, and there are normally disturbances, disagreements, and conversation. Some families have that member that shows up to the family event, stays long enough to make sure everyone knows they were there, and seems to leave before you can even say goodbye. I have realized that I’m that family member when it comes to Sunday mornings.

I get there right before service starts, sing a bit, listen a bit, and then try to leave before traffic in the parking lot gets too bad. I don’t make time for my family. I can sit here all day and talk about flaws in the church, which I still think there are, but I don’t have a lot of room to talk if I’m not being a good family member.

Like I said, I know my family isn’t perfect, but that’s not the point. They are my family. I’m ready to be more relational.

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