Just Move

So over the last year or so God has been speaking to me about the things I am doing with my time. I have changed jobs a couple times, started school, and invested time in a few business ideas. Just when I thought I was set on the ‘right track’, God told me to do something else…

From the outside it would be easy to look at the last year of my life and get pretty judgmental. You could say things like, ‘get your crap together’, or ‘would you just pick something and stick with it already!?’ Honestly I wouldn’t even blame you. Truth is, I have had those same thoughts. I was talking to my wonderful wife tonight about everything that has gone on and where I think God is directing now. (side note: she may just be the most supportive wife on the face of the planet)

We talked for a while about why we haven’t stepped out to do things in the past. The main reason we came up with was fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, and often fear of succeeding. For years we had been trapped in the routine of our lives, too frozen to take a step in any direction. I think as Christians we often ‘wait on God to speak direction’. I think it is fantastic, but sometimes I think God may want us to be actively doing something, even if He hasn’t parted the clouds and spoke to us about what that something may be. I will give you an example in my life right now. I have been going to school this year at TCC. At the beginning of the year I had a desire to go back to school to study to be a teacher, something that I had wanted to do for quite some time. I took classes in the Spring and Summer. After Summer semester was over I didn’t have a lot of peace about the path I was on to become a teacher. I prayed about it and talked to my wife. She was feeling the same uneasiness as I was. We started talking about another path with school that kind of came out of nowhere.

Gateway Church is hosting The Kings University starting in the Fall. We both felt a peace about me applying and seeing if this was the place for me to continue my education. I almost instantly jumped at God with frustration about all the ‘wasted time’ at TCC if I was just going to go to the Kings University. He told me that I needed TCC. Although it wasn’t my final path, it was something that got my feet moving. It got me used to college again. I can only see bits and pieces of my life, God can see big picture.

So I started thinking about how often we wait for God to give us our ‘final direction’ without wanting to move at all. I would rather be walking in any direction than sitting and looking in the right direction. I think it is much easier for God to nudge us where He wants us pointed if we are already moving. ‘An object in motion wants to stay in motion, an object at rest wants to stay at rest’- Science.

So don’t be so afraid to ‘mess up’. If you know God wants you to start moving, don’t be afraid to take a few steps in the wrong direction, He will probably help you out more than you think.

P.S. He also told me that all that time at TCC wasn’t wasted. All those credits can transfer and it’s not like I could have been going to the Kings University before anyways.

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