So I was thinking today about where I am at in my life versus where I was, say, 2 years ago. I am in a growing stage currently. As I realized I was in a growing stage I began to get frustrated. ‘I have already been in a growing stage’, I said to myself. Then someone else joined the conversation.

God gave me a great revelation about the frustration I was facing. He began to talk to me about the maturation process of a baby, specifically; crawling, walking and running.

Think about being  a baby that lacks the ability to even crawl. You must wait for your body to mature and for the timing to be right to begin to crawl. It is a great feat to go from immobility to freely crawling on your own. But you aren’t done. Just a matter of months after you have mastered the art of crawling you then reach another hurdle, walking. This takes some time and a considerable amount of effort. There finally comes a day when your mom or dad sits just a few steps away from you holding their hands out telling you to ‘come on.’ Though they are separated from you, they are still with you and encourage you. I want to touch on something while we are here. Sometimes in our spiritual maturity process God may have to take a step back to allow us to step on our own. Back to the baby…In this brief moment of separation you often have the urge to plop back down on your hands and knees and crawl. You may get frustrated because you already spent all that time learning how to crawl, why not just do that your whole life? But your parents keep pushing you. They keep telling you that you can walk. They keep stepping away from you and telling you that you can do it.

I think oftentimes in our maturation process we clear a hurdle and think we have arrived. I know I think this way sometimes. I reach a level of growth in my personal maturity that I had never reached before and for some reason I think I have finally made it. The problem with this mindset is what do I do when I reach my next hurdle. We have to remember that life is a journey, and on that journey there are many stages of growth.

Don’t be so scared to walk that you stay on your hands and knees your whole life.

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